Nate in the Skiers Bistro
Platty is a place where few people want to leave and many want to come. Well not that many, not too many, not so many that the die-hard fans are chased away. Though thanks to Unofficial Networks, Platty now tops the list of where to ski on the East this MLK weekend. And if you want to stay at Platty (because who wants to leave, see above) there are more ways to satisfy that need.

Like the bar, where you can find fine bespoke brews on tap. Like Davidson Brothers brewery in Glen Falls. Even soon (and witness this picture) Platty’s own ale. Yes.
bar pull

The mountain is also serving dinner on Saturdays and Sundays on holiday weekends—like this one. Now Nate, who is in charge of the Skiers Bistro and cafeteria and has chef-ed in far-flung locales around the world, has a particularly local bent to his cooking philosophy, so this is a place where you might not know the name of the specific cow that provided your beef, though you will know the name of the farmer.

After a long day of skiing the bar is a fine place to relax and there will be dinner white-cloth service there too… More humbly (or less fancy than white linens) in the bar you can find an old Kastle ski turned into a candleholder, the finest use for a handmade Swiss ski if ever I saw one. As Nate says about his cooking philosophy, “We all grow together, local farmers and local food.” Indeed.