Uphill Policy

  • Operating days for downhill skiing (Friday thru Sunday & holiday periods)
    There is NO uphill travel permitted without the purchase of a daily lift ticket ($88 weekend/holiday, $65 non-holiday Fridays) or a 2022/23 season pass.  Uphill travel is allowed on CLOSED TRAILS only to downhill skiing on these days.  If we are 100% open with terrain, there is no uphill allowed.
  • Non-operating days for downhill skiing (Monday thru Thursday)
    There is no uphill travel allowed unless you check ahead of time with our offices on a specific day to see if it is permitted by calling (607) 326-3500.  Most midweek days Monday-Thursday are non-operating days to the public, however they are booked as private mountain rentals and uphill is not permitted on those rental days.  A ticket for these days is required prior to going on the mountain.  Fee for these days is $30.

**** Under no circumstances is uphill travel permitted prior to 9am or after 4pm ANY DAY irregardless if we were open for operations that day or not.