The month of March is filled with facts, myths and traditions when we observe the Ides of March (March 15) and St. Patrick’s Day (March 17).  The same holds true for the annual celebration of St. PLATTY’s Day at Plattekill Mountain.

So, maybe you’re asking yourself right now … what is St. PLATTY’s Day?  St. Patrick’s Day in the United States was created by Irish-Americans … as you might already have guessed, St. PLATTY’s Day was created by Skiing-Americans in Roxbury, NY.

FACT:  St. PLATTY’s Day started the March after the North American Blizzard in February 2006?  Though most of the snow fell in NYC (26+ inches), the mountain decided to celebrate with music and festivities hoping for more snowfall the following year.   Sure enough, February 2007’s storm, dropped 33+ inches in and around the mountain, and so the tradition began.

MYTH:  Yes, there is a Leprechaun alive and well on the mountain.  Like the famous Blarney Stone, be careful of the Platty Leprechaun because you may find yourself  entranced with her sweet flattery by humor and unmistakable wit.  You will find her in the lodge and on the mountain only on this special day.

TRADITION:   St. PLATTY’s Day has become an annual celebration in March.  The festivities (similar to those for the St. Patrick’s Day) include a lunch of Corned Beef and Cabbage, Golden Shamrock Hunt on the mountain, Party in the Platty Lounge with live music, green beer and lots of festive drink specials to share with the Platty Moose.

So, the FACT of this day is to discover the MYTH of the Platty Leprechaun which draws you to the mountains and lets you partake in this family friendly, fun TRADITION!

St. PLATTY’s Day 2016 will be on Saturday, March 12, 2016. In addition to all the festivities, a great day of Spring skiing and riding await thanks to the significant snowmaking improvements on the mountain.  The Winter season continues at Plattekill Mountain.