Skiing’s Superheroes. Or: Give A Hand To Those There To Help

GIVE A HAND to those who have your back (and legs and wrists…). This weekend is the ski patrol BBQ—also to say this weekend is promising fresh powder on Friday. So on Saturday come out and ski and then stay. It’s WinterFest, which means torchlight parade and… the ski patrol’s fundraiser. There is Brooks’ BBQ’s chicken dinner [btw Brooks won a James Beard Award, the most prestigious in the restaurant world… like the Oscars]. And it’s time to support those in red who work tirelessly on the mountain. They train for hours and are there when you need them. And, more importantly: Platty’s patrollers are an all-volunteer department and they pay for all their equipment. Everything from bandages to backboards, sleds, defibrillators and radios. So give ’em the love…

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The deets are here:

(Also if you want dinner, get your tix early… It sells out)
Dinners $14, beginning at 5:00
Live music up at the bar
Torchlight parade at 8:00
Tubing under the lights for kids
Fundraising raffle
ski board pass
tubing park pass
Multiple bottles wine and liqueur
Gift certificates
50/50 raffle.

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