To quote Powder magazine: “Plattekill is the Alta of the Catskills.”

The article, befittingly titled: Forever Wild was just released in Powder Magazine’s December 2018 issue. 

It’s fantastic. A beautifully written homage, not only to Plattekill – but to Belleayre and Hunter as well.

Awesome mentions/profiles of Laszlo, Danielle (including the history of Plattekill, and how they came to own it) and local skiers: Rosie Kelly, Scott Ketchum and NYSkiBlog’s Harvey. Perfectly capturing the vibe and uniqueness of our local culture.

I love all our mountains, and I ski them. All. Religiously. But if you want to truly experience the wild, variable terrain of our area, does anything really compare to Plattekill? The experience is just so unique.

A place where you can literally customize your own terrain.

Back in early November, we were given another opportunity to explore, cut, and create new lines… a small army of nearly forty gleefully chopping, sawing our way through saplings and brush, imagining the potential gates, turns, drops… cliffs… Yes, a whole ridge of cliffs are now cleared, with a completely new entry point.

This week, as we gather, whether it be with family friends, or on your own. I think we can all agree that Platty, and a tentative opening of December 8th, gives us a lot to be thankful for.

See you soon.

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