CHAMPAGNE, IT’S NOT just for kings and the elite. No here in the Northern Catskills champagne means something else entirely. Powder. Yes. A foot and a half of it to be precise. And, here is the proof in the pictures. Conditions were stellar, the sky was blue, the skiing the sort that had people whooping and using words like “epic” and saying that they can’t remember when it was this good. [Click the ‘read more’ button below for more pics and the rest of the post…]

(Their memories are short, as the Platty blogger I recall writing about it not long ago…). And perhaps its epic-ness might be marked out by the rainbow in this shot at the right (on an unnamed trail)…. And just like rainbows and unicorns I felt like I’d found the pot of gold.

Despite the fact that it was in the minuses at the top of the hill, I was feeling warm and fuzzy all day with the love of Platty. Yesterday I watched a screening version of T-Bar Films inspiring United We Ski  (click here for a trailer) all about small local, mom & pops ski areas. Though, it’s about areas in VT not NY, the movie is full of the stuff that makes Plattekill a legend. Here’s a hill that’s family run and keeps it real, where on a powder day, there’s room in the car park and you can still find a good line. Even after lunch…  Where were you?