24 Apr 2014


Old Man Winter has put away the skis and snowboards here on Plattekill Mountain and with just a little more cooperation from Mother Nature, Spring will be here in full ProGRT-052smswing!  The year-round fun continues out on the Platty trails as its time to get back on the slopes and hurtle the bikes on the biking trails.  Pedaling since 1995, Plattekill was one of the first ever lift-served mountain bike parks to open in the Northeast.

 The transformation from winter to summer is currently in full gear (pun intended) transitioning over our ski rental shop to our bike rental & repair center, moving food operations out onto the deck bbq and grooming our specially cut mountain bike trails. 

We are keeping the tradition alive beckoning any & all mountain bikers to help pre-season clean and clear the bike trails on Saturday, 4/26.  Helpers get a free lunch and get to ride for free on Sunday as well as receive a complimentary ticket to come on back and ride again. 

Plattekill is open with lift access every weekend officially starting Saturday May 3, with a full-service base lodge offering with retail shop, full line of bike rentals, repair shop, cafeteria and outdoor grill as well as special events and…coming soon, music on the mountain.  Stay tuned for more on that!

See you on the trails…


09 Mar 2014

I’m getting ahead of myself because the story of John and Jill actually starts with Jill. Jill was an avid skier. She was also single. She spent her days at many different hills but never at Platty. I know this sounds like a sad story, but wait, I promise it gets better. So Jill was at another mountain when a friend mentioned Platty. Jill decided to give it a try. And so the next day, we had a POWDER DAY and Jill came to Platty. As she waited online for the chair, she turns around and sees the most gorgeous guy she ever saw. Yes folks those are her words, not mine. So here is the most gorgeous guy in the world. We will call him John since that was the name his parents gave him. Jill immediately starts to think of ways to meet John. She went all out trying to pop out of her skis, mess with her boots, you get the idea. Little did she know…

John was a long time Platty guy and a skiing fanatic. When John isn’t working, he is pretty much on a chairlift or skiing down a hill. And Platty Powder is his favorite! So here is John waiting to get on the chairlift and sees this beautiful woman ahead of him in line. John being something of a go getter realizes that this woman cannot get on that chair without him. So John does what any confident and awestruck guy might, and barges his way right up to Jill. They rode the lift together.

And yes they lived happily ever after but there is a little more to the story. 4 years later, to the day, John and Jill tied the knot. It wasn’t at a country club or on a beach. It was at the bottom of the triple chair. While their guests waited, John and Jill took a run from the top of the Face and skied right up to the minister. There was a dusting of fresh powder this day too!They exchanged their vows with their skis on and then took their first run as husband and wife. It was pretty magical.

The reception was beautiful and the cake was shaped like a mountain. Jill said it was her dream wedding. So when you pass this story on, remember... John and Jill went up a hill and found happily ever after.

The End


27 Feb 2014


SKIING AT PLATTEKILL can often feel like being part of skiing’s heritage. The hill is old school, keeping it real. There are even skiers on long skis – and not because they didn’t update their gear, but because they believe in skiing the way it once was. Harder, more challenging. True to its roots. It’s also why tele skiers sing Platty’s praises. (And why there's the Telefest this weekend). But the hill also has its own historian of skiing. George Quinn. You’ll find him in the shop. He’s also just published a book Skiing in the Catskill Region on the sport’s history from its earliest days when Norwegians brought ski jumping to the area. (Click the read more button to see the rest of the post....)

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