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Welcome to the Platty's new site: more info, faster, better, and yes we like our server now even. And, guess what? The blog is on the homepage, so you can easily click to see your fine Platty Blogger's words. Now most of you fans and friends and frequenters of Plattekill know this is family mountain (but with hardcore terrain, oh, and a new beginner area – more on that soon). And by "family" we mean not simply family friendly, but family owned. So the site (unlike corporate hills say) was a labor of love in the family. Plus, a few swear words as Danielle Vajtay (that's Mrs Plattekill to you and me) suffered and slaved over the site.

You all may recall the story of how Danielle married the mountain, moving from NJ to Roxbury when her boyfriend (now husband) Laszlo bought a hill and found himself struggling. The tables were turned with the new site. He'd get home from the mountain and say, "honey, what's for dinner." Only to be greeted by her furrowed brown focusing on her computer screen. He'd realize dinner would be in 2 hours, if at all, and start whipping up a wannabe Hungarian recipe. (Laszlo as you might guess is a Hungarian name. He'd mix up a goulash (means literally a mix of anything you can throw together) and dream of making his grandmother proud. Now the Platty bloggers are pleased to see our new site. It was worth it, Danielle, no matter what Laz made you eat…

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Monday, 26 November 2012 00:00

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With opening day fast approaching, stay tuned right here for the lastest news from the Plattekill Mountain Bloggers.  We are a collection of bloggers who are passionate about a Catskill mountain: Plattekill in Roxbury, New York. Join us as we ski, ride and post about the snowfall, terrain, news, events, and people that make Plattekill one of the East's great family mountain sports destinations.

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